Luxury Mineral Collections

Luxury Mineral Collections

$67.00 CAD $110.00 CAD

Each of our Luxury Mineral Collections comes with five mineral pigments which complement each other perfectly to create a complete look for the eyes.  They have been carefully selected to work together and with your skin tone as well. 

An extra bonus is that pigments can also be used on cheeks as blush and on lips as a tint for an extra pop of color! 

Choose from:

Au Chocolat!: Champagne, Smokey Brown, Brown Pearl, Afternoon Delight, Chocolate Kiss

Misty Moore: 9th Ave Beige, Champagne, Silver Shimmer, Smokey Taupe, London Fog

Autumn Breeze: Tiger's Eye, Cafe Au Lait, Lunar Pink, Golden Green, Deceitful Gold

Iris Ode: Orchid Diamonds, Periwinkle Pearl, Burgundy Smoke, Gold Diamond, White Pearls

True Light: Angel Wings, Lunar Pink, Brown Pearl, Morning Rose, Heirloom Pearl