3-Pack Brush Set

3-Pack Brush Set

$32.00 CAD $48.00 CAD

ALL 3 OF YOUR FAVORITE BRUSHES rolled into one beautiful price!!

This really is the ultimate eye makeup brush set.  Get ready to glam up your eyes with these amazing brushes designed specifically for our mineral makeup!

- The angled multi-brush is versatile and perfect for creating the perfect brow or winged eyeliner look.  Detailed blending is also a great use for this brush to build up looks close to the eye line.

The little blender brush is a favorite for adding highlight to the inner eyes or just under the eye.  The blender style also works amazing for blending out color on the outer edges of your eye to create a detailed look or a smokey eye.  An added bonus is that this brush can also delicately help you apply concealer to your under eyes or to effortlessly cover up blemishes.

The medium sized eyeshadow brush allows for easy highlighter application below the brow.  It also has the ability to blend colors beautifully over the whole lid.  This brush will help you apply makeup quickly and still look fabulous!