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Posted on August 20 2018

Sun-safe skin is the hype and we are all slathering on sunscreen in the summertime.  However, when it comes to fashion, glowing tanned skin is still in.

 Dr. Oz advises,  “Typically, it takes 30 years for sun damage to appear, so the damage you did in your 20s will start showing up in the form of wrinkles during your 50s. In fact, most of your skin damage will occur before the age of 20.”

 We can’t turn back the clock for what we’ve done to our skin in the past, but the best thing to do is take care of the skin we’ve got starting now.  As we look at the last weeks of August, we want to help you keep your summer glow on!  Instead of opting for some last-minute long hours baking in the sun, keep your skin youthful and protected by Innominerals to amp up your glow! 

Though mineral makeup does offer some sun protection, if it hasn’t been tested and rated SPF, your best bet is to back it up with a natural sunscreen using Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide. 



Our model Ayla is rocking a natural summer glow using the following colours:

 Our makeup artist used Beige Highlight under the brows for an all over highlighting effect. Over the lid, she blended Bronze Sparkle followed by Innocence Copper along the lash line.  In the crease, she applied a blend of Quartz & Diamonds mixed with Tiger’s Eye and smudged this combo under the eye as well for a smoky effect. For a final accent, she added a pop of Gleaming Gold to the inner eye.  For this look, she used our custom Mineral Makeup Brushes which are perfect for applying loose mineral powders.

For the rest of Ayla’s fabulous summer look Bronze Sparkle was dusted over her cheeks and dabbed on her lips along with a dusting of Beige Highlight above the cheekbones and on her nose for extra brightness and contouring.  (Mineral tip: All our minerals can be used safely on eyes, cheeks, and lips!)

Remember the sun is great, but protected skin is even better.  Don’t sacrifice your skin for a tan, that’s what Innominerals are for!


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